The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Sri Lanka organized a special event where the Government of Sri Lanka generously donated 1 metric ton of Ceylon Tea to assist the civilians affected by Cyclone MOCHA in Myanmar.

At the ceremony held on 27th July 2023 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ali Sabry, handed over the consignment of Ceylon Tea to Ambassador Han Thu, the representative of Myanmar in Colombo.

In gratitude, Ambassador Han Thu conveyed the heartfelt appreciation of the Government of Myanmar for this gesture of solidarity from Sri Lanka. He also emphasized the longstanding and amicable bilateral relations between the two nations.

The event was attended by Additional Secretary Yasoja Gunasekera, Directors General Waruna Wilpatha, O.L. Ameerajwad, and other officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, further strengthening the ties of friendship between Sri Lanka and Myanmar.