Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan, the Minister of State for Rural Road Development, reassured the people of the South that they need not be concerned about the views expressed by politicians from the North and East regarding the 13th Constitutional Amendment.

Addressing the news conference held at the Presidential Media Centre, under the theme ‘Collective Path to a Stable Country’, the Minister emphasized that the challenges faced by the Tamil people can only be resolved through mutual trust and understanding between all parties involved. He noted that when the 13th Amendment was proposed, current President Wickremesinghe was a member of that Cabinet. Hence, he expressed confidence that President Ranil Wickremesinghe will offer a fair and comprehensive solution to address the concerns of everyone through the 13th Constitutional Amendment.

 President’s comprehensive approach to the 13th Amendment aims for lasting solutions amidst diverse views

State Minister Chandrakanthan further said, President Ranil Wickremesinghe is actively working to implement the 13th Amendment, which aims to address power-sharing issues in the country. Recently, he called for an all-party conference, inviting representatives from Parliament to gather their perspectives on the matter. Minister Sivanesathurai Chandrakanthan expressed confidence that the current President, who was part of the cabinet that introduced the 13th Amendment bill, will propose a lasting solution to the power-sharing matter.

While some political leaders in the South express concerns that power-sharing may lead to the division of the country, leaders from the North and East demand that provincial council elections should take place first, followed by complete power-sharing. Recognizing the seriousness of both viewpoints, the Minister emphasized the importance of conducting constructive discussions with a moderate approach to find a suitable solution for the country’s progress.

The Minister assured the Sinhalese people in the South that they need not fear the extreme views expressed by representatives from the North and East, as these opinions are often driven by political motives. He stressed that the problem can be resolved through trust and mutual understanding, calling for cooperation from the media to foster such confidence.

Regarding the implementation of the 13th Amendment, the President has requested written recommendations, and the Minister, representing the Eastern Province, is taking the necessary steps to present his views on the matter.

Despite the economic crisis affecting fund allocation, the Minister remains committed to road development, utilizing the available funds allocated for his ministry. However, as this is not sufficient to meet the road development requirements, he said looking ahead; the ministry has ambitious plans for future development, including investments from foreign sources.

Meanwhile, he highlighted key sectors targeted for growth includes manufacturing, tourism zones, export cultivation, fish farming, and local grain cultivation.
The Minister also particularly paid particular focus on improving cashew cultivation in the Eastern Province. For this purpose, unused government land will be utilized, and efforts are already underway to attract foreign investments to support the project.

Via President’s Media Division (PMD)