The second phase of the second school term for the 2023 academic year in all government and government-approved private schools commenced today (Aug 28).

The first phase of the second term of the 2023 academic year ended on August 17.

However, all government schools within the Kandy town limits will remain closed for three days, owing to the traffic congestion for the Kandy Esala Perahera Festival.

Accordingly, the relevant schools will be closed on 28, 29, and 31 August, the Governor of the Central Province Lalith U. Gamage announced yesterday.

Meanwhile, the health officials advise that children need to consume extra amounts of water, in view of the prevailing hot weather conditions, adding that it is better to carry an extra water bottle to schools.

  They also warn that diseases like diarrhoea, dysentery and fever are likely to spread if clean water and food are not provided to the children these days.

“In addition, keep the school surroundings clean. There is still a possibility of the spread of dengue”, Paediatrician, Dr. Deepal Perera mentioned.

Final phase of third school term begins today