Saudi Arabia has announced a reduction in the fees for recruiting domestic workers from several countries, including the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Uganda, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The revised fees unveiled by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development are: From SR15,900 to SR14,700 for the Philippines; from SR15,000 to SR13,800 for Sri Lanka; from SR13,000 to SR11,750 for Bangladesh; from SR10,870 to SR9,000 for Kenya; from SR9,500 to SR8,300 for Uganda and from SR6,900 to SR5,900 for Ethiopia.

The decision is part of the ministry’s efforts to review and regulate recruitment costs, ensuring fair pricing in line with the changing costs in the recruitment industry.

Furthermore, the ministry has previously instructed licensed recruitment companies and offices to establish upper limits for the costs of recruiting domestic workers from specific nationalities.

The set upper limit for recruiting domestic workers from Sierra Leone and Burundi is SR7,500, and SR10,000 from Thailand, exclusive of the value-added tax (VAT).

The decision ‘aligns with the ministry’s broader goals to develop all services, improve the labour market environment and enhance its appeal,’ according to the ministry.

It reflects the ministry’s commitment to periodically reviewing costs, services, and systems in response to economic changes, ensuring they are appropriately aligned.

The ministry also emphasized the importance of adherence to these new price ceilings and stated that compliance would be monitored through the Musaned platform.

This initiative highlights the ministry’s dedication to creating a balanced and fair recruitment environment in the kingdom.

Source: Gulf News