The Ministry of Health has decided to seek public opinion regarding the drug procurement process.

Accordingly, the committee appointed to investigate the issues pertaining to the purchase of quality medicines and medical equipment will collect the views and opinions of the public regarding the matter.

The Health Ministry emphasized that thereby, any parties can submit their opinions, suggestions and recommendations relating to the drug procurement process in the country, adding that the submissions must be made to the Ministry of Health in writing before September 13, 2023.

The Cabinet of Ministers appointed a five-member experts’ committee to investigate the deficiencies in the drug procurement process in the country and introduce a transparent procurement system, ensure continuous supply of high-quality drugs and make suggestions for the restructuring of the National Medicines Regulatory Authority.

The final report of the relevant committee will be handed over within three months. Accordingly, public views in this regard will be obtained before the report is compiled and any person or organization is given the opportunity to submit their opinions, the Ministry of Health said.

Meanwhile, the Government Radiological Technologists Association (GRTA) complained that two of the four CT Scanners at the Colombo National Hospital are currently out of order and that as a result, medical testing procedures are hindered.

source adaderana