Minister of Power and Energy Kanchana Wijesekera presented the proposed rates of upcoming electricity tariff revision in the month of July to the parliament today (24).

In accordance with the current electricity tariff revision, the rate charged per one unit of electricity for the first 30 units in the domestic category, will be reduced by Rs. 05. Accordingly, the new rate per one electricity unit in that category will be Rs. 25.

Meanwhile, the fixed charge for the first 30 units consumed will be reduced to Rs. 250. The current fixed charge for this category is Rs. 400.

Minister Wijesekera, who pointed out that a minimum of 23% relief would be provided to the first category, mentioned that 1,744,000 families in total would receive the relevant benefit.

Furthermore, the tariff charged per unit for the units consumed between 31-60 is expected to be reduced by 9%, while for 0-60 units the charge is to be reduced by Rs. 7%.

In addition, the electricity tariffs for 15,646 religious places consuming 0-30 units of electricity will be reduced by 23% and a 7% reduction will be provided for 10,692 religious places consuming between 31-60 units from the month of July, the Minister mentioned.

Moreover, an electricity tariff revision of 29% – 40% has been proposed for the hotel category, according to the minister.

Wijesekera made this announcement addressing the parliamentary debate on the proposal to remove Public Utilities Commission (PUCSL) chairman Janaka Ratnayake from the institution’s membership and chairmanship.

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