Paediatrician specialist Dr. Deepal Perera states that there is a risk of several diseases spreading among children due to prevailing adverse weather conditions.

The doctor points out that especially, asthma and viral flu are commonly seen among children these days.

“Along with the ongoing rainfall, cold climates are experienced in some areas, while some other areas were flooded. As a result we are observing a rapid spread of several diseases”.
“Especially, asthma in children has significantly increased”, he said.

Dr. Perera further expressed that in addition, there has been an increase in viral respiratory infections due to cold temperatures.

He also mentioned that children in flooded areas are at risk of developing diarrhea if they do not have access to clean water and food.

Children who have asthma should receive respective treatments properly, Dr. Perera said noting that their conditions may worsen if they are exposed to second-hand smoking from a household member who smokes. He added that some food items can also worsen this condition.

“Obtain treatment soon, so that hospitalization of children can be minimized”, the doctor added.