A group of 66 Sri Lankans in Jordan, who were afflicted after the two apparel factories they were employed at were shut down, have returned to the island.

It was reported that the Indian investors who operated the two factories in Jordan, namely “Aseel” and “High Apparel”, had closed the facilities with no prior notice to the employees.

However, a group of Sri Lankans who were employed there were brought back the island from Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) in Katunayake early this morning (Feb. 09) after receiving their salary dues and other entitlements.

Against this backdrop, the Sri Lankan Embassy in Jordan said that another group of Sri Lankans who were employed at these two factories would be repatriated to Sri Lanka over the next two days.

In January this year, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Amman managed to repatriate a 41 Sri Lankans upon receiving their salary dues and social security claims. The repatriation was facilitated by the embassy in coordination with the factory management and the Jordanian authorities.

According to the embassy, 30 factory workers were earlier re-employed at other garment factories in Jordan with their consent.