There is no shortage of aspirin in the market despite the Ministry of Health recalling a batch of locally produced aspirin from hospitals nationwide. 

This action was prompted by the discovery of a quality defect in this particular batch. 

Dr. Saman Ratnayake, Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Health, reassured the public that although this specific category of aspirin has been suspended, there will be no shortage of aspirin in the market. 

The decision to withdraw the use of the particular batch of defective aspirin followed an investigation conducted by the NMRA, which involved testing samples taken from various categories of aspirin. 

In order to prioritize public safety, imports of this batch have also been halted. 

Furthermore, Dr. Ratnayake emphasized that there will be an adequate supply of aspirin despite the suspension of this specific category.

The suspended drug is manufactured by a local manufacturer in Kurunegala.