The Chairman of the National Transport Commission (NTC), Shashi Welgama says that no changes will be made to bus fares in line with the annual price revision due in July.
Joining a press conference held at the Department of Government Information (DGI) this morning (June 30), Welgama mentioned that the annual bus fare revision is scheduled for July 01 every year according to the national policy on bus fare revision.
As per the calculations made by the NTC, an increase of 6.4% was considered for this year, he mentioned.
Furthermore, Welgama pointed out that 10% of the bus fares, which were increased by 20% during the Covid-19 pandemic, were reduced in the previous fare revisions that took place over the past few months.
“In order to balance the remaining 10% bus fare hike, we decided not to increase the fares on July 01 this year, since the bus fares directly affect the general public”, he said.
In addition, he emphasized that discussions were carried out with the passenger bus associations regarding the matter, adding that they have also agreed not to revise the fares at the moment despite initially seeking a price hike.

Accordingly, the current minimum bus fare of Rs. 30 will remain the same, while no changes are made to the other rates.

source adaderana