The Lanka Premier League 2024 has announced a new addition to its format called ‘Power Blast Overs’. 

This feature will debut in the upcoming season, injecting a new level of intensity and strategy into each match.

The ‘Power Blast Overs’ will consist of a two-over power play allocated to each team during the 16th and 17th overs of their innings. This period will see only four fielders allowed outside the 30-yard circle.

“This initiative aims to further enhance the thrill of the Lanka Premier League,” stated Mr. Samantha Dodanwela, Tournament Director of the league. “By introducing ‘Power Blast Overs’, we seek to engage fans and players alike with a high-octane phase where teams will push the boundaries of performance.”

Traditionally, cricket matches feature a power play during the first six overs of each inning. The introduction of the ‘Power Blast Overs’ marks a strategic evolution in the game, providing teams with an additional opportunity to accelerate their scoring rates in the crucial latter stages of their innings.

“We believe this innovation will be well received by cricket enthusiasts, as it adds a fresh dimension to the strategic play within the league,” Mr. Dodanwela emphasized. “Teams will need to devise innovative tactics to maximize their impact during these critical overs.”