Radiologists at the Radiation Treatment Department of the Maharagama Apeksha Hospital are facing criticisms for their slow pace of work, which is reportedly putting cancer patients’ lives at risk.

Despite the Ministry of Health appointing a committee to address the increasing waiting list for radiation treatment, the issue remains unresolved.

The sluggishness of the radiation technologists has resulted in a waiting list of over 490 patients, compromising the timely treatment of those who need it urgently. 

Oncologists emphasize that even a day’s delay can transform treatable conditions into incurable ones, leading to unexpected deaths. Previously, 8 to 10 patients were provided with radiation treatment per hour, but due to the technicians’ decreased efficiency, the number has dropped to 4-5 patients per hour. 

Cancer specialists strongly condemn the unethical behaviour of the radiation technologists and urge the authorities to intervene and resolve the issue immediately.