Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. has slashed the price of domestic liquefied petroleum (LP) gas cylinders substantially, based on the pricing formula.

Thereby, the price of a domestic gas cylinder weighing 12.5kg has been reduced by Rs. 1,005 and the revised price now stands at Rs. 3,738.

The price reduction is effective from midnight today (April 04).

Litro Gas chairman Muditha Peiris communicated the new prices of domestic gas cylinders to the public while addressing a special media briefing this morning.

The revised prices are as follows:

• 12.5kg cylinder – Rs. 3,738 (reduced by Rs. 1,005)
• 5kg cylinder – Rs. 1,502 (reduced by Rs. 402)
• 2.3kg cylinder – Rs. 700 (reduced by Rs. 183)

Meanwhile, the other largest liquefied petroleum (LP) gas supplier in the country, Laugfs Gas PLC, too dropped the prices of its domestic gas cylinders by a significant amount following the price reduction announced by Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. earlier today.

Revised prices of Laugfs gas cylinders are as follows:

• 12.5kg cylinder – Rs. 3,990 (reduced by Rs. 1,290)
• 5kg cylinder – Rs. 1,596 (reduced by Rs. 516)

The companies said the price reduction was made in a bid to provide relief to the crisis-hit consumers in view of the upcoming festive season and the benefit of the recent appreciation of the Sri Lankan rupee against the US dollar.

source adaderana