The country’s tourism sector continues to bounce back as July 2023 recorded the highest monthly arrivals of tourists this year with a total of 143,039, according to figures published by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA).

In July 2022, when the country was grappling with the peak of the economic crisis, the number of tourist arrivals in the month of July had dipped to 47,293.

Official figures showed that tourist arrivals in July 2023 have recorded an increase of 202.4% in comparison to July 2022.

The cumulative figure of tourist arrivals for the first seven months of 2023 (January-July) thus climbed to 767,913, while the entirety of the year 2022 recorded only 719,978.

According to the SLTDA, the top 10 source markets for Sri Lanka’s tourism in July 2023 were India, the United Kingdom, China, Germany, Russia, France, the Netherlands, Maldives, Canada and Australia, respectively.

Tourists arrival in Sri Lanka Increasing - Image Ceylon Expeditions