The Health Ministry has acknowledged that a total of 63 drugs have failed quality tests in 2023, Additional Secretary to the Health Ministry, Dr. Saman Rathnayake, disclosed during a news briefing held at the Ministry auditorium yesterday.

Dr. Rathnayake emphasized that among the drugs identified, some have been withdrawn, withheld, or discontinued. He also stated that quality failures are not uncommon and have been observed in the past, leading to drug withdrawals.

However, he expressed concern over certain trade union representatives and media outlets sensationalizing the issue.

Furthermore, Dr. Rathnayake provided data indicating that there have been a total of 585 cases of quality failures since 2017. The highest number of such cases, 96, was reported in 2019, while 86 drugs failed quality tests in 2022.

Upon further investigation it was discovered that out of the drugs that failed quality tests, 53 were manufactured in India, while a few drugs were locally produced and others originated from Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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