Government Medical Officers’ Association (GMOA) warns that the mosquito population in the Colombo district has significantly increased.
Secretary of the association Dr. Haritha Aluthge stated that the mosquito population in the localities of the Colombo Municipal Council area and Gothatuwa has exponentially increased.

The doctor stressed that the internationally accepted Breteau Index – which is used for estimating the density of infectious mosquitoes in an area – is five times higher than the usual value calculated in certain areas of the Colombo District.

He mentioned that although the index value should prevail at 5%, it is reported to be 25% in certain areas.

Thus, there is a risk of dengue infections exacerbating into a ‘severe’ epidemic situation by the end of June in the Colombo district, the doctor emphasized.

He further expressed that accordingly, there is a tendency for a high number of dengue cases to be reported in the near future.

source adaderana

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