The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has issued a special gazette notification lifting the maximum retail price (MRP) imposed on eggs.

The order came into effect at midnight on Tuesday (July 25).

Pursuant to the communiqué, the Gazette Extraordinary No. 2328/05 dated April 19, 2023, through which a controlled price was announced on eggs, has been rescinded.

On April 19 this year, the CAA stipulated that a white egg be sold at Rs. 44 and a brown egg at Rs. 46. Further, the MRP for a kilogram of white eggs was set at Rs. 880 and the MRP for a kilogram of brown eggs at Rs. 920.

However, the price controls proved ineffective, as the shortage of eggs prevailed in the market while the vendors continued to sell eggs for higher prices at their discretion.

The president of All-Ceylon Egg Producers’ Association attributed the shortage to the maximum retail price imposed on their products, adding that they are able to sell an egg at Rs. 50 once the price controls are lifted.

Against this backdrop, Trade Minister Nalin Fernando revealed on Tuesday that eggs imported from India would be sold at Rs. 35 per egg at all Lanka Sathosa outlets and Rs. 40 per egg at supermarkets.

Accordingly, the State Trading (General) Corporation has taken measures to supply imported egg stocks to Lanka Sathosa outlets and supermarkets from today.

Meanwhile, a group of All-Island Canteen Owners’ Association members had staged a protest in front of the main office of Laugfs Gas PLC, demanding expeditious reduction in LP gas prices. A tense situation ensued as the Laugfs Gas representative arrived at the scene to discuss the matter with the protesters.

Minister Nalin Fernando said the Cabinet of Ministers would be informed of the Laugfs Gas PLC’s failure to take measures to slash the prices.

Litro Gas Lanka has, however, slashed the prices of domestic LP gas on four consecutive occasions this year. Following the price revision announced earlier in July, the price of a 12.5kg cylinder now stands at Rs. 2,982.

First batch of imported eggs to arrive in Sri Lanka tomorrow