The Excise Department has successfully collected Rs. 105 billion in revenue so far this year, marking a significant increase of Rs. 17 billion compared to the same period last year. 

Excise Commissioner M. J. Gunasiri stated that by June 30, the department had reached its revenue target.

Gunasiri highlighted that, “We have collected Rs. 105 billion as planned by the Excise Department by June 30. By this time last year, we had collected Rs. 88 billion.” He emphasized that the department had achieved a notable increase of Rs. 17 billion in revenue collection.

The department had initially anticipated a revenue growth of Rs. 20 billion within the first half of the year. 

However, due to natural disasters and issues at a major production plant, they incurred a shortfall of approximately Rs. 3 billion. 

Gunasiri remarked that if not for these setbacks, they could have reached their target of Rs. 107 billion.

Despite these challenges, the department still managed to achieve almost a 20% growth compared to last year, a remarkable achievement for the Excise Department, he said

-Ada Derena