Badulla District branch of the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) says that forest fires are frequent within 15 Divisional Secretariat Divisions in Badulla District.

Deputy Director of the Badulla District DMC E.M.L. Udaya Kumara expressed that multiple issues have arisen due the lack of necessary facilities and technology available to extinguish forest fires.

Commenting further, the Deputy Director stressed that the as a result of prevailing the dry weather in Badulla District these days, people setting fire to forested areas in the region has become a severe issue.

“Thus far, forest fires have been reported in many areas of the 15 Divisional Secretariat Divisions of the Badulla District.”

“In some cases, the number of fires reported within a single day is nearly 10”, he added.

Mr. Udaya Kumara said that although efforts are made to control the fires with the help of the armed forces and the divisional secretariat as well as the firefighting units, they do not turn out to be very successful, since advanced technology required for the purpose is not available.

In addition, he mentioned that this situation would create a risk of possible disasters in the near future.

“However, this year, there is a possibility of severe landslides and rockfalls causing serious damage to life and property, if the heavy rain is experienced”, he added.