The Cabinet of Ministers has granted approval for the procurement of 2.3 million pre-printed Polycarbonate cards for printing National Identity Cards (NICs).

Earlier on 05 May 2024, the Cabinet of Ministers decided to cancel the procurement considering recommendations of the procurement committee implemented for purchase of 05 million pre – printed Polycarbonate cards required for printing identity cards for the Department of Registration of Persons and the recommendations of the procurement appeal boards in the regards.

Furthermore, approval was granted at the same meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers to obtain only the essential quantity of pre- printed Polycarbonate cards from the previous supplier until an appropriate supplier is selected followed by implementation of a new procurement, so that undisturbed execution of the process of issuing national identity cards can be carried out. 

Accordingly, a negotiation committee has been appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers along with a project committee for evaluation of prices furnished by the supplier as well as to obtain recommendations applicable to the quantity of cards to be purchased by the prior supplier. 

Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers granted approval to the resolution furnished by the Minister of Public Security to procure 2.3 million pre-printed Polycarbonate cards as a re order from Just in Time Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. which is the prior supplier based on the recommendations of the above committees. – adaderena