The Colombo Lotus Tower plans to launch the Bungee Jumping programme by December this year, its Head of Management Prasad Samarasinghe said.

The Colombo Lotus Tower and Singapore Go Bungy Company earlier signed a contract to start bungee jumping for the first time in Sri Lanka, which will become the world’s highest bungee jump after it is launched.

Samarasinghe said initial bungee jumping was planned to commence in August, but was delayed since the management found that some upgrading had to be done to the ski ramp, and again the company had changed its plans.

Recently, the first skydiving event (an exhibition jump) was witnessed from the Lotus Tower to promote the island’s tourism industry internationally.

While surprising viewers, two skydivers jumped off the tower with a smoke flare and cameras attached to their bodies to record their jumps.

Lotus Tower - Colombo