Sri Lanka’s most loved learning brand, Atlas Axillia is conducting its own ‘Atlas SipUdana Grade 5 Scholarship Online Seminar Series’ to support students prepare for their upcoming national examination in November 2021. The free for all online seminar series, scheduled to take place every Sunday until the end of September, is one of the many ongoing initiatives facilitated by Atlas to promote continued learning during a time where schools are closed due to the current COVID-19 situation.

Atlas Supports over 37000 Grade 5 Scholarship Students with Free Online Seminar Series
Atlas Supports over 37000 Grade 5 Scholarship Students with Free Online Seminar Series

The interactive seminar series is conducted by the renowned primary educator and member of the Sri Lanka Principal Service (Grade 3), Mr. Chaminda Liyanaarachchi. The sessions use a unique teaching approach to engage with the students to discuss answers and techniques across numerous past papers. Additionally, students will also have the opportunity to ask questions and directly interact with the tutor to draw on his extensive experience in the subject matter.

Commenting on the brand’s latest initiative to support learning throughout the pandemic was Asitha Samaraweera, Managing Director, Atlas Axillia Co. Ltd. “Over the years, Atlas has supported Grade 5 students to help them better prepare for the scholarship examination through unique programmes such as the ‘Manasaloka’ exhibition, an experiential learning opportunity where students were able to gain practical understanding of the different subject areas. Despite the current COVID situation, we have continued our efforts to facilitate uninterrupted learning opportunities and the unprecedented turnout of over 37,000 students at the online seminar is a true testament of our commitment and we are proud to facilitate free, quality learning content online for students to reach their maximum potential.”

The purpose of the Atlas SipUdana programme has been to transform studying into learning and create equal learning experiences through engaging activities such as the ‘Grade 5 Scholarship Lesson Series’ and ‘Creative Activity Camp’. Curated by experienced educators, these activities are aimed at not only engaging with students across all ages but to also encourage teachers and parents to make learning fun, especially through the pandemic.

The seminar sessions will be conducted via Microsoft Teams and broadcasted on Facebook Live and those interested can visit the Atlas Facebook page at to find out more about the registration process or to access the seminars via Facebook Live.