The Asian Development Bank (ADB) on Wednesday said it has approved Sri Lanka’s eligibility to access concessional financing.

The availability of concessional assistance, offered at low interest rates, broadens Sri Lanka’s options to bridge its urgent development financing needs to restore economic stability and deliver essential services, particularly to the poor and vulnerable, the Philippines‎-based regional development bank said in a press release.

Eligibility for concessional resources among the ADB’s developing member countries is based on gross national income per capita and creditworthiness.

ADB explained that its decision was considered based on a request from the Sri Lanka government in view of the severe and unprecedented economic crisis that has reversed hard-won development gains.

“ADB is committed to further enhancing its support for the people of Sri Lanka as the country responds to this deep crisis that has severely undermined their livelihoods and well-being,” said ADB Director General for South Asia, Kenichi Yokoyama. “The availability of concessional assistance will help Sri Lanka to lay the foundation for economic recovery and sustained, inclusive growth.”

Thus, Sri Lanka is now eligible for ADB support including concessional and market-based financing, technical assistance, policy advice, and knowledge solutions that together comprise a comprehensive suite of options to address the crisis.

The ADB notes that access to concessional financing will also ease debt servicing pressures through more favourable lending terms.

source adaderana

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