How to Measure Happiness According to the Research

How to Measure Happiness

You may have heard of people who are saying, “I am very happy today”. Or else, someone may express like” It had not been a happy moment as I expected”. And also, “It was a happy evening, but not much” or “there was no more happiness, we suffered from the sadness”. So, all these statements have a hidden idea about how much the happiness they enjoyed. Or, the people have tried to measure their feeling. But is it possible? If it is possible, can you think of how to measure happiness?

Well, even though it seems a bit strange, the newest research findings have shown some silver line in this doubtful matter. Hence, as they highlight, you can measure happiness through a few simple steps. Yet, all these measuring scales will be based on psychology other than the quantitative scales. Somehow, if you get the idea about how happy your customers, clients and student Etc you would be able to perform well through their feedbacks. Yes! It means this has a direct influence on the outcomes of any selected project.

4 Approaches to explain how to measure happiness?

So far, the researchers have tried for several approaches to measure happiness. But, among those, the following are the best-selected methods according to the recent shreds of evidence.

How to measure happiness through biological inclusions?

Nowadays, the researches have paid attention to find out successful measure for happiness through biological markers. It means they are doing studies to find out whether the human body secretes different hormones when they become happy. No doubt, they are. But, it is really difficult to measure the levels and come into a decision as this is successful and this isn’t. So, there should be enough research to come into a conclusion about this biological measure. Yet, still, the majority of experts are using this method to carry out scientific trials.

Behavioural Measure

There is no doubt, our behaviours may vary as with emotional status. Thus, if we are happy, we will stay relaxed. And, we can always share love and affection. But, in case, if you needed to measure the level of happiness, you want to create a bridge in between these emotions and frequencies. Many of the studies have used emojis as this link. So, the people will be asked to mark the emoji of their feeling throughout a given period.

Measure of Implicit

Even though there are no any of the successful scales to measure this status, people still use certain predictors. So, the implicit measure is also a popular matter. Yet, it never considered as one of the best. Since this measure depends upon terms of emotions, we cannot believe the outcome. This is due to objective matters and the possibility of getting false results.

Self-reports about happiness

It means you may ask about someones’ happiness rather measuring through hormonal changes, behavioural alterations and terms. Within this manner, the person can either provide a direct answer or escape from the question. Thus, this is also considered as something failed as a measure of happiness. Yet, this is the commonly used and the easiest way for the purpose.

The outline!

Even though the experts have paid massive attention to find out and clarify the things, still there are puzzles. So, how to measure happiness is also one such unsolved problem so far. But, there are some simple measures which have used for years. Thus, we hope the information on the above piece of writing will give you enough idea about the pros, cons and weaknesses of those measures.


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