Goal setting for students, kids, and teens

Goal setting for students

Goal setting is also a skill, although people do that without reflecting on it much. So, goal setting is practice with a specific set of skills and is not hard to teach. Like most of the other skills, it’s best to learn about goal setting at the beginning. The parents and the school curriculum should also focus on the ways of skill-building and development of kids. Learning about goal setting in school with peers and teachers is ideal for encouraging children to master this skill.

Let us explore why goal setting is vital and how we can incorporate it in the best manner.

Goal Setting in Education

The practice of goal setting is vital for anyone to accomplish their dams in the future. Childhood is an opportune time to grab this skill. It will help kids to mold their life into ones that they desire in the future. Parents and teachers can encourage the kids in goal setting. Education is an excellent place to lay a foundation for practical goal setting and start practicing and striving towards meaningful personal goals. 

How Do Kids Benefit from Goal Setting?

  • Enlightening self-image
  • Growing awareness of one’s strengths
  • Increasing consciousness of one’s weaknesses
  • Provides an experience of success
  • Enabling effective visualization
  • Clarifying the pathway ahead
  • Boosting prioritization
  • Outlining reality and sorting out it from wishful thinking
  • Creating responsibility for one’s self
  • Training decision making

Benefits of goal setting for youth

  • Offers direction to accomplish the targets.
  • It helps to clarify important stuff and focus on it.
  • Facilitates effective decision making through healthier self-knowledge, direction, and focus.
  • Allows taking a livelier role in constructing their future.
  • Acts as a powerful motivator that gives hope and aspire.
  • It gives a positive experience of accomplishment and personal satisfaction once they reach a goal.
  • Assists in finding a sense of purpose in their lives.

How to use Goal Setting Effectively with Kids and Teens?

  • Ask students to write down exact and measurable goals.
  • Please encourage them to create a precise action plan for each goal.
  • Tell the kids to read their goals daily and visualize themselves accomplishing them.
  • Reflect on their progress to see if they are on target.
  • Tell them to revise their action plans if required.
  • Celebrate their accomplishments.

What is known as setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals?

We always have to teach the kids to set SMART goals that are distinct, rewarding, and achievable to keep moving forward. Before they set goals, we should teach them about SMART goals and whether their goals fall under the SMART criteria. So, what are these SMART goals?

  • Specific – Precisely knowing what to accomplish and what they hope to gain from doing so. For instance, whether it’s finishing a paper, writing a particular statement for an internship, or finishing research for a larger project.
  • Measurable – Ensure they can quickly assess whether or not the goal was met and how helpful it ultimately was to them.
  • Achievable – Be realistic once setting goals. This helps them avoid missing deadlines or else getting behind. Also, giving them a more precise overview of how much time they have to devote to other tasks during the week.
  • Results-Focused – Having very pure, discrete outcomes for meeting their goals and hold on to them.
  • Time-Bound – Setting a deadline for individual goals. For more intricate tasks with numerous steps, create deadlines for each key stage of the process.


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